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QSFfoundations is a sole trader experienced at getting your management system over the line for recertification or certification purposes. I work with you to keep your management system shaped to your needs while still meeting compliance requirements for quality, safety, and facility certification purposes.

My typical client feedback is “thanks for integrating our systems into the way we do things. We didn’t like having our management system sitting parked, not quite relevant, making us feel guilty about not making it real. And thanks for being engaging, inclusive, pleasant, positive, and professional to work with.”

I passionately believe that the ISO management systems standards are successful and effective guides to your business achieving results. My task is to help you make the right tweaks so you get the results you seek in business governance, risk management, and successful quality, safety, or asset/facility certification.

My experience includes services and products, F200, private ownership, private equity, State and local government, regulatory enforcement, State-owned enterprise, and small business.

Sectors include PPP Public-Private Partnerships, Resources FIFO, regulatory, compliance and enforcement, services, maintenance, hospitality, health, education, textiles, timber, laundries, retail, State Govt, local Govt, heavy engineering, high voltage, design consultancy.

My track record:

  • Leadership team for Australia’s first ISO 55001 Asset Management Certification for a Hospital (all the non- asset related aspects of this ISO suite)
  • Leadership team for Australia’s first ISO 41001 Facility Management Certificate
  • Successfully achieved 5 years of zero quality-related non-conformances for a $5b F200 services company, maintaining ISO 9001 certification throughout
  • Integration and simplification of quality management systems for mergers and acquisitions
  • Established risk prioritization framework and data-driven Inspectorate activity for a major workplace regulator
  • Conceived and implemented the “Injury Hotspot” bodymaps harm communication tool for WorkSafe Victoria, now implemented across Australia
  • Leadership team for national implementation, live line high voltage work
  • Leadership team for reducing LTIFR from 78 to 41 in 12 months, maintenance services
  • Technical writer – management manuals, safety rules, procedures, tenders, intranets, and targeted safety signs!
  • Obtained quality, safety, and facility certifications.
  • Revived dormant ISO 9001 quality certifications, including ISO 9001 2015 upgrade.

My full resume including qualifications in safety and quality auditing, training, management systems, etc is available:

Murray MacLachlan
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